Russian School «Under the Quality Label»


On December 16-19, 2021 the Russian Student Union held the Russian school on evaluation of education quality «Under the Quality Label» in Sheregesh (Kemerovo region). More than 50 students from different Russian regions took part in the event.

During three days open lectures, workshops and trainings were held, where experts in evaluation of education quality were involved. The National Centre for Public Accreditation was represented by Oksana Matveeva, Deputy Head of the Accreditation Office. She made a presentation «The role of students in quality management and evaluation» and held a workshop on the technology of evaluation of educational programmes.

The students became familiar with the best foreign and national practices of involving students in evaluation procedures, discussed the differences between the roles of students in education and evaluation of its quality, involvement of student unions in evaluation procedures, learned the NCPA technology, dealt with cases and played the role of experts.

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The following speakers participated in the event:

- Oleg Tsapko, Chair of the Russian Student Union, Chair of the Russian Student Council on Education Quality with a presentation «How to organize evaluation of education quality by the students at a HEI? Step-by-step guide»,
- Andrei Korol, Head of the educational project for activists of student dormitories «Student City» with a presentation on evaluation of infrastructure and living conditions in student dormitories in the context of education quality evaluation,
- Olga Novoseltseva, Head of the regional involvement sector with a presentation «Technologies to work with the target audience»,
- Fatima Vyshegurova, advisor of the Chair of the Russian Student Union with a presentation on the use of marketing and sociological research in education quality evaluation.

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