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On October 9-10, 2023 the international research conference “Enhancing Quality of Higher Education: International Practice and Modern Trends” was held in Uzbekistan in the Tashkent branch of the National University of Oil and Gas «Gubkin University».

The participants of the conference were heads of regional authorities in education, heads of education institutions, and experts in evaluation of higher education quality, including representatives of foreign countries.

Valeriya Zanina, the First Secretary of the Russian embassy in Uzbekistan, and Abdulla Magrupov, Executive Director of the Tashkent branch of the National University of Oil and Gas «Gubkin University», delivered a welcome address. Shahlo Turdykulova, Deputy Minister of Higher Education, Science and Innovations of the Republic of Uzbekistan, also welcomed the participants of the conference and highlighted the importance of comprehensive examination of all aspects of higher education quality enhancement in the modern world.

During the first day of the conference two sections were open:

- External systems of higher education quality evaluation;
- Internal system of higher education quality evaluation in managing a modern university.

At the end of the first day the award-winning speakers were chosen.

During the second day of the conference the following presentations were delivered:

- “Education quality assurance: practice, new challenges and trends on the international and national levels” by Dr. Galina Motova, APQN Vice-President, Director of the National Centre for Public Accreditation, editor-in-chief of the journal “Accreditation in Education”;

- “On the development of the system of independent quality evaluation of students’ training in the Russian Federation” by Dr. Prof. Vladimir Navodnov, President of the group of companies “Accreditation”, Director General of the National Foundation for Support of Innovations in Education

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