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Public accreditation


NCPA supports a HEI during the whole accreditation procedure, invites reputable academic experts from the leading HEIs, and representatives of large business companies


NCPA issues Certificates of Accreditation and uploads the results of accreditation to the Register of Accredited Programmes

Focus of accreditation

NCPA combines the related study programmes into clusters and evaluates their quality by one External Review Panel. A cluster may include vocational, bachelor's, master's, specialist and postgraduate degree programmes:

A typical example of a cluster

Stages of accreditation

The accreditation procedure comprises three stages

  • #1

  • #2

    External Review
    (Site visit)
  • #3

    Decision Making

NCPA’s support

A coordinator from NCPA takes up all the arrangements related to the accreditation procedure, including:

  1. assistance in filling in the e-forms on the online platform

  2. delivery of an orientation workshop

  3. travel and accommodation arrangements

  4. coordination of the work of the External Review Panel during the site visit

  5. assistance and consultancy throughout the whole accreditation procedure 24/7

Our experts

All our experts are highly qualified in their fields

Since 2011 a total of 1534 experts have been involved in our procedures
  • Doctors of sciences employed by the leading HEIs in positions:

    ranging from heads of departments to the rector of a HEI with meaningful scientific achievements
  • Representatives of employers

    from top management of line ministries and large businesses
  • Representatives of a student community

  • Due to our extensive worldwide partner network we can employ an expert from a particular country or a particular HEI.

Accreditation decision

The National Accreditation Board, an independent collegial body, makes the accreditation decision based on the Self-Evaluation report and expert assessments

The Board meets twice a year, usually in June and December. Two weeks after a positive decision is made by the National Accreditation Board, the HEI receives a certificate of accreditation. The maximum accreditation period is 6 years

Follow up

After the formal accreditation procedure is complete and the decision is made, we extensively disseminate information about the accreditation results and promote the accredited programmes in different media:

  • An “Excellent Quality” badge is awarded depending on the level of accreditation (three stars for undergoing national accreditation, four stars for international accreditation and five stars for joint international accreditation)

  • Information on the accredited programmes is considered when determining the HEI’s admission quotas that are funded by the state and thus tuition-free for students.

  • Information on the accredited programmes is included in the Register of Accredited Educational Programmes:

Accreditation costs

If you risk accrediting your programmes for 30-50 thousand rubles, you’d better address elsewhere as this money is not enough even to cover expert remuneration

We adhere to the honest procedure when an External Review Panel works at a HEI for several days. A cluster approach is used to optimize costs.

The more related programmes are included in the cluster (not exceeding the possible maximum limit number), the lower the price of a single programme is.

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