APQN Annual Conference - 2021


On November 25, 2021 the APQN Academic Conference and Annual General Meeting was held. This year the topic of the conference was devoted to the challenges, which educational institutions and accreditation agencies from different countries faced during the pandemic. The topic was «COVID-19 – Response Mechanism and Impact on Quality Assurance for Higher Education in the Asia-Pacific Region».

The conference and the Annual General Meeting were held remotely and united 200 participants from 45 countries of the Asia-Pacific region.

Barry Aw Yong, APQN Board Director, EDUVALUE CEO (Singapore); Jianxin Zhang, APQN President, Dr., Prof. (China), and Dr. Peter J Wells, Chief of Higher Education, Programme Specialist from UNESCO (France) addressed the participants with a welcome speech.

The conference was opened with a presentation by Galina Motova, APQN Vice-President, Deputy Director of the National Centre for Public Accreditation (Russia). The presentation was devoted to the use of innovative methods in the system of higher education evaluation «Aggregated ranking as a tool for evaluation of the quality and positioning of Asia-Pacific universities at the global level».


Representatives of China, Sri Lanka, Taiwan, Singapore, Oman also gave presentations on the following topics:

- Improving the Recognition Climate for TNE Qualifications through Cross-Border Cooperation,

- World-Class Universities Evaluation: History and Characteristics from the perspective of Chinese Academy of Science and Education Evaluation,

- Teacher Role in Internalizing Quality Teaching Measures: a Case Study of Oman Higher Education,

- Quality and Inequality: Students’ Learning Experiences and Perceptions toward Online Learning amidst Covid-19,

- Stopping Fake Certificates and Transcripts– Is Digital and Blockchain Technology the Answer?

- Quality Assessment for Distance Higher Education Programmes in Vietnam: Introduction, Benchmark and Lessons Learned.


At the end of the conference Jianxin Zhang presented an analytical report. Nowadays the Asia-Pacific Quality Network comprises 247 members from 45 countries (in 2020 4 new members joined the network, in 2021 - 9 new members). APQN contributes to the development of higher education quality at the Asia-Pacific region through cooperation and exchange of best practices between quality assurance agencies.

The next APQN conference will be held in November 2022 in Singapore.

Presentation of Galina Motova, APQN Vice-President, NCPA Deputy Director, at the annual APQN Academic Conference 

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