External Review of the Institution of Further Professional Education «Centre for Medical Sciences Education

On May 24 – 26, 2018 an external review of the institution of further professional education «Centre for Medical Sciences Education» on further education programmes «Traumatology», «Orthopedics», «Vertebrology», «Arthroscopy», «Plastic Surgery», «Cosmetology», «Dermatology», «Otolaryngology», «Surgical Dentistry», «Plastic Surgery», «Mammology», «Oncology», «Gynecology», «Forensic Medical Examination» was held.


The institution of further professional education «Centre for Medical Sciences Education» was established within the framework of the project of the Russian Ministry of Healthcare on introduction of postgraduate medical and pharmaceutical education in 2013.

«Centre for Medical Sciences Education» is the only Russian official cadaver centre where doctors can improve their practical skills with the help of biomannequins. More than 1500 specialists from Russia and foreign countries (Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Kirghizia, Germany, the United Arab Emirates, Switzerland, Israel, Greece, Hungary, Poland, etc.) improved their qualification on the basis of the Centre.

The External Review Panel involved Russian and foreign experts, representatives of professional communities. During three days of work meetings with the University administration, Heads of subdivisions and supervisors of programmes, teachers, students and employers were held.

Summary reports and recommendations on further development of the programmes and the institution based on the results of the external review will be prepared. Decision about public accreditation of the educational programmes will be made at the meeting of the National Accreditation Board.

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