Presentation of the National Aggregated Ranking by Subject

International accreditation along with the rankings becomes a more valuable tool for evaluation and recognition of quality of educational programmes and engagement of foreign students. Until recently these tools were not directly interrelated as rankings were built in relation to HEIs. However, with the development of rankings by subject these two approaches start enhancing each other.

Rankings by subject are a more delicate tool of evaluation of achievements of a HEI in certain fields of science or professional training. Due to the fact that while collecting information it is necessary to work with enormous amount of data, analytical agencies ranked 100-200 HEIs and left out a huge segment of Russian higher education.

For the first time in Russia an attempt has been made to evaluate ALL Russian higher education institutions by subjects. On April 22 an online presentation of the National Aggregated Ranking by Subject was held.

The ranking accumulates rankings by subject of leading Russian agencies, popular world university rankings by subject, a ranking by subject by Hirsch index, a ranking on the results of evaluation of education quality, and a ranking by subject on the results of independent evaluation of programmes. The authors of the ranking shared exclusive information and interesting findings, showed the opportunities of the portal, which allow users to define hidden potential and growth points for a HEI in whole or a certain field of study.

The presentation is useful for experts in evaluation of education quality and for the community, especially for applicants and their parents.