Meeting of the Working Group in HSE

Meeting of the work group on the application of professional standards in the system of vocational education and training of the National Council under the President of the Russian Federation on Vocational Qualifications was held on 17 November 2014 in Moscow, Russia. The event was hosted by the National Research University - Higher School of Economics.

The Meeting was attended by 79 participants - representatives of academic community, public organizations, indsutrial and national associations of emploeyrs, councils on vocational qualifications, the Department of State Policy in the Sphere of Higher Education of the Minsitry of Education and Science of Russia, accrediting agencies and international organizations.

Participants of the Meeting had the opportunity to discuss the following issues connected with the mechanism of participation of professional communities in public accreditation of educational programmes:
- involvement of professional communities in educational programmes' evaluation;
- mechanisms for independent objective evaluation of education quality following the results of practical activity of a graduate;
- public accreditation as a tool for enhancement of personnel training system.

The second part of the discussion was dedicated to the projects of the Federal State Standards of Vocational Education and the evaluation of their compliance with professional standards.

The enlarged meeting of the working group was concluded by Y. Kuzminov, Rector of the NRI HSE, Head of the working group.

National Centre for Public Accreditation was represented by Galina Motova. She made the presentation "Professional and Public Accreditation: State and Confrontation. Together or Instead?"