Report of the ENQA Working Group

European Association for Quality Assurance in Higher Education (ENQA) published the report of the Working Group on excellence in higher education. Representatives of 10 countries - Great Britain, Italy, Romania, Spain, North Cyprus, Belgium, Russian, France, Lithuania and Portugal - took part in the project. 

In the report the Working Group's findings of research of the new phenomemon "excellence" in education quality assessment are presented. The paper attempts to describe, evaluate and define the concept "excellence" in the system of higher education. The report also reveals various approaches to the recognition of best practices in the sphere of higher education and includes the recommendations on the application of excellence approach to the work of accrediting agencies.  

National Centre for Public Accreditation was represented by Galina Motova, Deputy Director and Oxana Matveeva, Deputy Head of the Accreditation Office, who took an active part in the meetings of the Working Group. 

The Working Group report is available at the website of ENQA.