External Review of SSAU Programmes

The External Review of the cluster of the following educational programmes was held from May 28 till May 30, 2014 in Saratov
State Agrarian University named after N.I. Vavilov:

- "Ecology and Nature Management" (022000.62 (05.03.06), 022000.68 (05.04.06)),"Environmental Engineering and Water Use"
(280100.62 (20.03.02), 280100.68 (20.04.02)),"Land Reclamation, Recultivation and Land Protection" (06.01.02);
- "Agronomy" (110400.62 (35.03.04), 110400.68 (35.04.04)), "Agro-engineering" (110800.62 (35.03.06), 110800.68 (35.04.06)),
"General Agriculture, Plant Growing" (06.01.01), "Agro-chemistry"(06.01.04), "Selection and Seed Growing of Agricultural
Plants" (06.01.05), "Technologies and Mechanization and Agricultural Facilities" (05.20.01), "Technologies and Facilities for
Technical Service in Agriculture" (05.20.03);
- "Animal Husbandry" (111100.62 (36.03.02), 111100.68 (36.04.02)), "Veterinary" (111801.65 (36.05.01)), "Veterinary Sanitary
Expertise" (110501.65), "Small Animal Science, Technology of Animal Products Manufacture" (06.02.10), "Forage Production,
Feeding Farm Animals and Feed Technologies" (06.02.08), "Diagnostics of Animal Diseases, Pathology, Oncology and Morphology
of Animals" (06.02.01), "Veterinary Obstetrics and Animal Reproduction Biotechnics" (06.02.06);
- "Foodstuff of Animal Origin" (260200.62 (19.03.03), 260200.68 (19.04.03)), "Technology of Production and Organization of Catering" (260800.62 (19.03.04), 260800.68 (19.04.04)), "Technology of Meat, Dairy and Fish Products and Refrigerating Manufactures"(05.18.04).

The external review panel consisted both of foreign and Russian experts and the representatives of professional and student
communities. During the site visit members of the external review panel met the university administration and the heads of
divisions, responsible for the programmes' delivery, teachers, students, postgraduates and employers.

The report and recommendations on the further programmes development will be prepared according to the results of the external
review. The decision on accrediting the educational programmes will be made on the meeting of the National Accreditation Board
in 2014.

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More information is available on the website of Saratov State Agrarian University named after N.I. Vavilov