ENQA General Assembly - 2013

ENQA General Assembly organized in cooperation with the Centre for Quality Assessment in Higher Education (SKVC) was held on October 29-30, 2013 in Vilnius, Lithuania.

98 delegates from all the European accreditation agencies took an active part in the work of the Assembly. National Centre for Public Accreditation was represented by Vladimir Navodnov, Director and Galina Motova, Deputy Director.

The General Assembly was opened by Achim Hopbach, President of ENQA, and Dainius Pavalkis, Minister of Education and Science of Lithuania.

Breakout session on the revision of the ESG was held on the first day of the Assembly. The opportunity was given to the members and affiliates to give feedback on the revised version of the ESG prior to it being discussed by the BFUG at their meeting on 7-8 November 2013. The revised ESG was presented and then discussed in groups.

Two sessions on the use of QA agencies in cross border evaluation were also organized on the first day of the event. Within the framework of the discussion the role of QA agencies in cross border evaluation was presented from the point of view of a university (Dr. Anne Töpfer, University of Stuttgart, Germany), an agency (Katrin Meyer, OAQ, Switzerland), and a ministry (Dr. Rimantas Vaitkus, Vice-Minister for Higher Education and Research, Lithuanian Ministry of Education and Science). Quality assurance of activities that go beyond borders was considered using the example of massive open online courses (MOOC) (Tia Loukkola, European University Association and Anthony McClaran, QAA, UK).

The second day of the Assembly was opened by the report “The EHEA market for QA services – internationalisation, competition and QA”, presented by Achim Hopbach, ENQA President.

The programme of the second day of the Assembly was devoted to organizational questions of ENQA: activity planning, nomination of the ENQA Board, confirmation of ENQA membership, ENQA work plan, objectives and actions of the organization and the venue of ENQA Forum and General Assembly – 2014.

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Detailed information is available on the websites of ENQA and SKVC.