Review of RICEF programmes

External Review of the cluster of study programmes in “State Construction and Management (in Forestry)” was held from October 2 till October 3 in the Russian Institute of Continuous Education in Forestry in Pushkino, Russia:

State Construction and Management (in Forestry)” (retraining);
Cluster of further vocational study programmes “State Construction and Management (in Forestry) (professional development):

-“State Forest Management (by category)”
-“Economic Forest Management (by category)”
-“Forest Certification”
-“Labour Protection and Forest Radioecology (by category)”
-“Federal State Forest Supervision”
-“Information Technologies in Nature Management”.

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The external review panel consisted of one foreign and three Russian experts.

The panel had an opportunity to get acquainted with the university, classrooms and the university library. Meetings of the experts with teachers, students, administration of the institutes, post-graduates and chiefs of the major departments were organized within the procedure of public accreditation.

Among the main strengths of the programmes undergoing accreditation the panel members mentioned the development, modernization and realization of the educational programmes based on the requests and direct involvement of employers; practice-oriented education within the programmes taking into account the real-life situations; organization of field-classes and foreign internships for sharing forest management and conducting forestry experience; creation of innovative educational platform for the exchange of experience and professional knowledge of students, teachers and industry leaders.

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More information is available on the website of the Russian Institute of Continuous Education in Forestry.