Review of TISBI programmes

External Review of the study programme “Economics” was held from May 15 till May 17 at University of Management “TISBI”, Russia.

Public accreditation with international participation of the review panel which was represented by experts from Lithuania, Slovenia and Russia (Moscow and Kazan) was held at University of Management “TISBI”. “TISBI” became the first non-state Russian HEI which underwent this procedure in the National Centre for Public Accreditation. This university also became the first non-state HEI in Tatarstan (Russia) which underwent public accreditation with international participation.

External review was preceded by thorough self-examination of the programmes “Economics” realization. Within the accreditation procedure meetings with management of HEI, chairs of the departments, teaching staff, students and graduates were organized. During university tour members of the panel visited classrooms, laboratories, computer classrooms and studied learning environment and infrastructure of the HEI.

Members of the external review panel met employers who established strong partnership with University of Management “TISBI”. Responding to questions of experts, professional community focused on significant contribution of “TISBI” to work with individuals with disabilities, on involvement of employers to curriculum development and on employability of “TISBI” graduates.

On May, 16 Rector of the university was awarded the certificate of undergoing the external review conducted in compliance with the Standards and Guidelines for Quality Assurance in the European Higher Education Area (ESG-ENQA). The external panel members spoke briefly about 7 accreditation criteria including HEI policy and quality assurance procedures, monitoring and periodical programme evaluation, assessment of students’ knowledge level, quality assurance and competency of teaching staff, learning resources and support of students, etc.

According to the results of the external panel the reports and guidelines for further development of the programmes will be prepared. The decision on accrediting study programmes will be made on the meeting of the National Accreditation Board of the National Centre for Public Accreditation in September, 2013.

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More information is available on ТISBI website.