Press Conference in RIA Novosti

On November 29, 2011 the Russian News & Information Agency RIA Novosti held a press-conference on the theme “Methods and outcomes of quality assessment of educational programs in Higher Professional Education”.

The members of the press-conference:

- Victor Bolotov, Vice-president and an Academician of the Russian Academy of Education,

- Vladimir Navodnov, Director of the National Center of Public Accreditation, PhD, Professor,

- Galina Motova, Deputy Director of the National Center of Public Accreditation, Editor-in-chief of the journal “Accreditation in Education”, PhD, Professor,

- Artyom Khromov, Chairman of the All-Russian public organization “Russian Union of Students”

The main purpose of the recently adopted Federal Targeted Education Development Program for 2011-2015 is to provide accessibility of a high-quality education, and one of the main tools to achieve it is to develop a system of quality assessment of education in Russia. A particular emphasis is put on the establishment of the institute of public accreditation as the most significant part of this assessment.


Large groups of academic and professional community were involved in the project (rectors of the Russian HEIs, specially trained experts, chairmen of teaching and methodological departments of HEIs, leading scholars), representatives of the real sector of economics (employers), heads of recruitment agencies. The use of modern information technologies has made the procedure of Internet voting quick and easy. Now the project, launched in January 2010, entered its second stage.



According to the opinions of the members of the press conference, one of the effective "tools" of quality assessment of educational programs of Higher Professional Education was found during the large-scale project “The Best Educational Programs of Innovative Russia”. The project is implemented by the journal "Accreditation in Education" in cooperation with the Guild of Experts in the Sphere of Professional Education and the National Center of Public Accreditation. The main objective of the project is identification of educational programs of HPE, where specialist training is distinguished by the high level of quality.


Statistics shows that at present Russian HEIs and their affiliates deliver 32 544 educational programs. As the result of the peer-review, based on the opinion poll, held within the framework of the project, only 2034 programs (i.e. 6.25% of the total) were recognized as the best educational programs of innovative Russia.


A reference book “The Best Educational Programs of Innovative Russia” was published as an illustrative result of the project success. The reference book is a valuable material for the formation of the public quality assessment of education, for the applicants’ assistance in choosing a study program, for employers, when recruiting a graduate.


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