UNESCO Conference

15th UNESCO-APEID International Conference Inspiring Education: Creativity and Entrepreneurship.
UNESCO is convening 15th UNESCO-APEID International Conference “Inspiring Education: Creativity and Entrepreneurship, in collaboration with the World Bank and the Ministry of National Education in Indonesia, to foster discussions on creativity and entrepreneurship, and strengthen their linkages in education and the workplace.

More specifically, the UNESCO-APEID Conference will provide a forum to:

•    Increase understanding and knowledge of creativity and entrepreneurship;
•    Showcase and promote innovative and educational approaches, projects and practices that enhance creativity and entrepreneurship;
•    Encourage national, regional and global collaboration across all sectors and levels to improve creativity and entrepreneurship; and
•    Facilitate networking and exchange of experiences among policy makers, researchers, educators, administrators, youth and private sector personnel.

Eminent speakers and paper presenters will share their rich experiences in linking theory to practice. Policy makers, educators, academicians, researchers, and representatives from the private sector will be able to examine the broader concepts of creativity and entrepreneurship, and recognize their importance for both personal and economic development.

Participants are encouraged to discover how they can optimize creativity and entrepreneurship to nurture children, youth and adults to meet 21st century challenges with inspiration, passion and courage, at the same time instill in them honorable ethics, morals and values.

Sub-themes of the Conference are the following:

I. Concepts and context of creativity and entrepreneurship in the 21st

•    Identifying values, aspirations, knowledge, competencies and skills for
•    creativity and entrepreneurship
•    Providing space and opportunities for creativity and entrepreneurship in
•    education systems and the work place
•    Conducting research on creativity and entrepreneurship
•    Strengthening the linkages between creativity and entrepreneurship

II. Innovative strategies, designs and models for creativity and

•    Nurturing creativity and entrepreneurship in- and out-of-school and at work
•    Developing programs, pedagogy, curricula and materials for creativity and
•    entrepreneurship
•    Enhancing capacity to advance and support creativity and entrepreneurship
•    Promoting creative economy and industries in formal, informal and non-formal
•    settings

III. Institutional frameworks and financing mechanisms to promote
creativity and entrepreneurship:

•    Encouraging policy dialogues and collaboration on creativity and
•    entrepreneurship
•    Designing governance, management and regulatory frameworks and
•    processes
•    Establishing sustainable financial mechanisms to support creativity and
•    entrepreneurship
•    Strengthening public and private sector partnerships

Participants: anyone who is interested in education and human resource development is welcome to attend the Conference. However, some of the identified groups who would particularly contribute to and benefit from the Conference include:

•    Members of National Commissions of UNESCO
•    Members of APEID Associated Centres and networks
•    Representatives of UNESCO and United Nations affiliate groups
•    Education ministers, policy makers and planners
•    Principals, leaders and administrators of educational institutions
•    Teachers, educators and trainers
•    Researchers and academicians
•    Students and representatives from youth groups
•    Representatives from international and non-government organizations and associations
•    Representatives from community and indigenous organizations
•    Representatives from business, industry and training organizations

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