the Statutes (extracts)


1.1 National Centre for Public Accreditation is an autonomous non-profit organization.

1.2 The legal status of National Centre for Public Accreditation, the rights and responsibilities of its establishers  are determined by the present Statutes while in the part not  regulated by the Statutes, they are determined by the Civil Code of the Russian Federation, the Federal Act of the Russian Federation «On  Non-Commercial Organizations», the Federal Act «On  Higher Education», the Federal Act «On Higher and Further Professional Education» as well as by other legislative and normative legal acts, international agreements in the field of higher education in which the Russian Federation acts as a participant.

1.3 The full name of the organization in Russian shall be the autonomous non-profit organization «National Centre for Public Accreditation».
The acronym shall be ANO «NCPA».
The full name of the organization in English shall be the autonomous non-profit non-commercial organization «National Centre for Public Accreditation».

1.4 The location of the organization is: 424000 the Russian Federation, the Republic of Mari El, Yoshkar-Ola, Volkova street, 206 А.


2.1 National Centre for Public Accreditation was established with the purpose of embedding quality culture in higher education through the process of accreditation of higher educational institutions, educational programs and specific courses; formation of positive public opinion of those educational institutions working honestly in Russia and abroad.

2.2 To achieve the goals, indicated in Item 2.1 of the present Statutes, National Centre for Public Accreditation carries out  the following activities:

  • Participates in the preparation of normative legal acts on quality review and other adjacent questions of legal regulation developed by legislative and executive bodies and professional organizations; and contributes to their implementation into practice;
  • Provides services on information and methodological support to Russian higher education institutions on the issues of educational quality in accordance with the European standards and guidelines for quality assurance in higher education area;
  • Develops methods and technologies of education quality assessment, including test-based technologies and sociological surveys; develops technologies of internal quality assurance systems establishment;
  • Conducts research work, produces software, information and communication technologies in the Internet, works out reference and instruction materials on the evaluation and quality assurance in education;
  • Undertakes research in areas relevant to public accreditation, assessment and quality assurance of education in educational institutions;
  • Carries out public accreditation of educational institutions, educational programs and courses;
  • Maintains contacts with international and national organizations operating in the field of quality assessment in the established order; participates in drafting process of international agreements relating to quality evaluation procedures; represents the interests of Russian education institutions in the area of  quality assessment; establishes and develops relations with similar organizations from other countries; participates in the work of international organizations;
  • Provides information, methodological and technological support to experts in the sphere of education quality assurance involved in review procedures and accreditation of educational programs and education institutions;
  • Disseminates good practices of Russian and International experience in the area of assessment and quality assurance of education;
  • On request of education institutions provides advisory services and audit of educational quality;
  • Organizes conferences, seminars, workshops and round-table discussions.