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NCPA was founded in 1995

National Centre for Public Accreditation

NCPA helps HEIs enhance the quality and visibility
of study programmes and attract international students


33% of all the accredited tertiary education programmes in Russia have been accredited by NCPA

Register of Accredited Programmes
  • among accreditation agencies

  • study programmes from 98 HEIs have been accredited

  • >1500

    experts from 29 countries were involved in the accreditation procedures


  • Public accreditation NCPA
    • supports a HEI during the whole accreditation procedure,
    • invites reputable academic experts from the leading HEIs, and representatives of large business companies,
    • issues a Certificate of Accreditation and uploads the results of accreditation in the Register of Accredited Programmes
  • International accreditation NCPA
    • involves international experts from the CIS, China, India and other countries,
    • issues two accreditation certificates,
    • publishes the information on the accredited programmes in the Database of External Quality Assurance Results in the Asia-Pacific Region (DAQAR)


  • “Financial University under the Government of the Russian Federation”- on international accreditation

  • “National Research Tomsk State University” – on joint accreditation

  • “Russian State Agrarian University-Moscow Timiryazev Agricultural Academy”- on public accreditation

Accreditation procedure: step by step

  • 1

    Application for accreditation (up to 1 week)

    ile your application via our e-form on the website or by email or by phone 8 927 888 6000

    We agree on the composition of the cluster of study programmes (learn more) , calculate the cost of accreditation, determine the dates for the Site Visit, discuss clauses of the agreement

  • 2

    Self-evaluation (2-3 months)

    NCPA supports HEIs in the preparation of Self-evaluation reports: provides instructional and methodological materials, uploads the programmes undergoing accreditation to the digital platform for accreditation support, consults, delivers training seminars/webinars for the HEI staff responsible for accreditation (on request)

  • 3

    Site Visit (3 days)

    NCPA takes responsibility for all the arrangements involved in the Site Visit and coordinates the work of the External Review Panel onsite.

    An External Review Panel composed of reputable academic experts, representatives of large businesses, and students, works at the university for 3 working days, mainly in the format of hour-long interviews with the HEI administration, teaching staff, students, graduates, and employers. Within a month after the Site Visit the Panel prepares an External Review Report with expert assessments and recommendations for improvement.

  • 4


    The National Accreditation Board makes the accreditation decision based on the Self-Evaluation Report and the results of the external review.

    If the decision is positive, the Board issues a Certificate of public accreditation of a cluster of educational programmes. The maximum accreditation period is 6 years

  • 5


    We upload information about accredited programmes in the national Register of Accredited Programmes and in the DAQAR database (for international accreditation).

    We promote the accredited programmes in the journals “Accreditation in Education”, “Higher Education in Russia”, and other media.

С 17 по 19 мая 2022 г. в ЧОУ "Русская христианская гуманитарная академия" прошла внешняя экспертиза образовательных программ.

Внешняя экспертная комиссия состояла из российских академических экспертов, представителей профессионального и студенческого сообществ. За три дня работы экспертной комиссией были проведены встречи с администрацией вуза и руководителями подразделений, ответственными за реализацию программ, встречи с преподавателями, студентами и аспирантами, выпускниками и работодателями.

По результатам внешней экспертизы будет подготовлен отчет и даны рекомендации по дальнейшему развитию программ. Решение о предоставлении образовательным программам профессионально-общественной аккредитации будет вынесено на заседании Национального аккредитационного совета.

профессионально-общественная аккредитация профессионально-общественная аккредитация профессионально-общественная аккредитация